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Please read the following guidelines before placing an order. 
Inquiries can be directed to

1. To order live marine organisms

Place orders with as much advance notice as possible. Most of our collections are from the wild. As such, collecting success is subject to weather conditions and naturally fluctuating populations. 


If you are a first time customer email to receive a comprehensive price list.  Please note that first time customers are required to make a 100% pre-payment for your first three orders prior to shipping. 

2. Shipping containers and shipping charges

Container and shipping charges are in addition to specimen prices. We will estimate the number of shipping containers at the time of order but exact numbers may vary as each order is custom packed with optimum conditions for the organisms. 

A delivery fee is charged with each order. These vary according to which aiport the shipment is delivered to. 

3. Transportation

We will make every attempt to find the most efficient and cost effective routing to your destination. Depending on the shipping method you may be responsible for pick up at the airport. We will confirm all shipping details and notify you when the shipment is "en route."

Freight charges are collect, on your airline account, or pre-paide by the customer. 

All of our shipping containers confirm with the IATA regulations. 

4. Documentation

For shipments within the United States, we supply all of the necessary documents. There is no additional charge if the shipment clears customs at the place of destination. 

An additional fee is charged for deliveries that must be cleared through US Fish and Wildlife and US Customs

For shipments overseas, please advise us of your specific documentation requirements forthe import of live animals into your country. Please note that document preparation will require up to two weeks. 

Signed copies of our vendor profile are available upon request. 

5. Husbandry support 

We care about our animals and we are committed to excellence in animal husbandry and customer satisfaction. Our current staff consists of highly experienced cold water collectors, aquarists, and biologists who have extensive knowledge and experience in the aquarium industry.

We will try to answer questions or help solve problems that you may have regarding our local species or displays. 

6. Payment of invoices

An invoice will be issued a week after shipment. Payment is due within 30 days from the date of invoice. Interested will be charged on late accounts. 

Canadian organizations will be charged in CAD, all others will be charged in US.

7. Avoid the introduction of exotics to your area 

Dispose of shipment materials and water thoughtfully and maintain specimens in biologically closed systems. 

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