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Frequently asked questions

how does covid 19 affect your operations?

We are still collecting and shipping aquarium specimens worldwide. It is important to note, however, that COVID-19 has affected the availability and prices of flights to certain locations. It has become more difficult to estimate shipping costs and dates, but we will be working as diligently as possible to deliver your order in the mostly timely and cost-effective way possible. 

Can you provide a vender profile?

Are we seasonal?

Absolutely we can. Click here for a pdf of our current vendor profile. If you need a custom profile filled out for your particular aquarium's needs please email your form to

Yes. We typically pause operations from mid-December to early February and from late August to mid-September. These closures are to ensure the safety of our collectors and our animals during times of extreme temperatures and weather events. 

Why can't we supply abalone?

Northern abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana) are classified as endangered species under SARA and COSEWIC. To ensure the recovery of this species they are protected from commercial and recreational harvesting. 

Do we sell to hobbyists?

No. We supply organisms exclusively to certified public aquariums and marine education centres. 

Why are there fewer sea stars on the species list now?

The eastern Pacific Ocean has lost an estimated 80% of all sea star biomass since 2012. This loss has been attributed to Sea Star Wasting Disease. While affected species have not yet been included in SARA or COSEWIC lists we are concerned by the extremely low numbers of certain sea star species and do not want to further harm their populations with collection pressure. 

what is the typical salinity and temperature for the region?

Salinity and temperature vary seasonally and between habitats. 


Winter.................................0°C - 8°C / 20 ppm - 30 ppm

Fall and Spring..............7°C - 13°C / 15 ppm - 30 ppm

Summer...........................12°C - 16°C / 25 ppm - 30 ppm


All seasons.....................6°C - 8°C / 30 ppm

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