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Crabs, shrimps, barnacles and squat lobsters

Dungeness Crab

Cancer magister

To 23 cm carapace. Collection method: SCUBA or trap


Graceful Crab

Metacarcinus gracilis

To 15 cm carapace. Collection method: SCUBA or trap


Heart Crab

Phyllolithodes papillosus

To 10 cm carapace. Collection method: SCUBA

Puget Sound King Crab.jpg

Puget Sound King Crab

Lopholithoides mandtii

To 20 cm carapace. Available November - late May. Collection method: SCUBA 


Umbrella/Butterfly Crab

Cryptolithodes spp.

To 8 cm carapace. Collection method: SCUBA


Hermit Crab

Pagurus spp.

To 5 cm carapace. Collection method: SCUBA or hand collection at low tide


Squat Lobster

Munida quadraspina

To 10 cm long. Collection method: trap


Spot Prawn

Pandalus platyceros

To 18 cm long. Available from November to late May. Collection method: trap


Coonstripe Shrimp

Pandalus danae

To 8 cm. Collection method: trap


Giant Acorn Barnacle

Balanus nubilus

To 8 cm diameter. Collection method: SCUBA


Gooseneck Barnacle

Pollicipes polymerus

To 15 cm long. Collection method: SCUBA or low tide collection

For a detailed price list please email us

Please let us know if you are looking for an organism that does not appear on our species list, we still may be able to collect it for you. We always enjoy a challenge!

We collect with your display needs in mind. Therefore we collect large, show size specimens whenever possible. There are exceptions however: some fish and mollusc species travel better as juveniles. We will inform you when this is the case. 

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