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About US

RESponsible marine collections since 1992

Our mission is to provide the living organisms necessary to create exciting, educational displays for aquariums and marine education facilities. We do this with the ongoing goal to be environmentally responsible and conscious of our local marine environments. 

Living Elements Ltd. operates in compliance with the federal and provincial laws of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Environment Canada, and all other Canadian and international regulations regarding animal collection and transport. We have all relevant collecting and shipping permits and follow domestic and international guidelines to ensure the integrity of our business and reputation of our clients. Certification and licence numbers will be provided upon request. 

The marine waters of Pacific Canada are amongst the most productive in the world, sustaining many remarkable species of fish, invertebrates, and plants. We are fortunate to collect in such a diverse area and use highly selective, gentle collecting methods that ensure a sustained conservative fishery and a healthy population of captive specimens. Collections are done in a wide variety of environments and locations, from deep fjords and inlets or tidal narrows, to rocky and sandy shores. 


environmental responsibility

Aquariums and marine centres have the capacity to spread important messages about ocean conservation and preservation. We provide these incredible organisms in the hope that they will inspire a love for our oceans and a passion to protect them.


Collection methods

We use the following highly selective collection methods to reduce unnecessary stress and discomfort for our animals: SCUBA, traps, hand-collection, beach-seining, captive-reared sourcing, and very limited use of rod and reel. Our divers preferentially collect from man-made underwater structures to reduce collection stress on pre-existing reefs.


Carbon footprint

A large part of our commitment to the marine environment is minimizing our carbon footprint wherever possible. The majority of our shipping materials can be recycled and we are always looking for new and improved sources (if you have any recommendations please let us know!). By operating out of a boat house we have reduced our electrical consumption by 90% and virtually eliminated the consumption of natural habitat. One percent of our our profits is donated to local non-profit societies dedicated to marine environment restoration, protection, and enhancement: Thornton Creek Enhancement Society, Central West Coast Forest Society, and the Surfrider Foundation

 Our Team

Living Elements is made up of experienced aquarists, marine biologists, and commercial divers. The majority of our team members live and work in Tofino and Ucluelet, BC. 









Barkley and Clayoquot sounds

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British columbia


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