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Pacific West Coast Specimen Collection:
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Rocks with live benthos

Arctic Specimen Collection:

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General Information:
Please contact us if you are looking for an organism that does not appear on our price list, we may still be able to collect it for you. We always enjoy a challenge!

Price reductions apply to large orders.

We collect with your display needs in mind. Therefore we collect large, show size specimen wherever possible.There are a few exceptions however: Some fishes do not travel well as adults. The Giant Pacific Octopus also requires special shipping procedures and travels better as a sub adult.

For the terms and conditions of sale (including airport delivery charges and USFW/US Customs clearing charges), please refer to "Terms and Conditions" on the Order Info page.

The cost of our standard shipping boxes and packing materials is US$ 15.00 and 27.00 respectively.

If a standard shipping box is not a practical solution we will advise you of the type of container that will be used.

For a credit application or wire payment notification form, please contact us.

If you would like further information on biology or natural history  of the organisms available or need need technical information, please refer to the bibliography or feel free to ask us.

Cornerstone Species and Popular Tank Ideas

Cornerstone species:

These are animals available from Living Elements that have been used as the focal points for major displays by several zoos and/or aquariums.

Ratfish – Deeper water fishes that can reach up to 1m in length.

Red Rockfish - These fish are easy to maintain in captivity and can live for over 60 years.

Giant Pacific Octopus – Largest species of octopus knowm.

Grunt Sculpins – Grunt sculpins are fascinating to watch and easy to display.

Spiny Lumpsuckers –These amazing little fish are perfect for small tanks.

Alaska Kingcrabs – These animals are available seasonally.

Puget Sound Kingcrabs – These beautifully coloured, box crabs make an eye-catching display.

Lion’s Mane Jellyfish – These too are seasonal.

Sunflower Star – These are the largest seastars of the Northern Pacific.

Popular tanks:

The tank themes below can be found in many facilities. They are beautiful, interesting, educational and popular with guests.

Touch-tank – Some species we suggest: gumboot chitons, mossy chitons, limpets, turban snails, purple stars, leather stars, bat stars, california sea-cucumbers, purple urchins, red urchins, and hermit crabs.

Invertebrate tanks – B.C. waters are famous for being home to some of the largest species of invertebrates including; plumose anemones, giant Pacific octopuses, rock scallops, orange-peel nudibranchs, giant barnacles, geoducks and red urchins.

Kelp-forest – BC’s waters share many species common to California’s kelp-forests and we have a few more species besides!

Arctic waters – We can supply the arctic organisms necessary to create small displays of the following habitats: rocky bottom, muddy bottom kelp beds, and pelagic.

If you would like more information on the species we supply or about tank themes, please contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.