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Pacific North West Marine Specimens

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Invoices are mailed to the billing address. Invoices are due 30 days from the date of invoice. Interest will be charged on late accounts. Payment is in U.S. funds.

Wire Transfer Routing Instructions for Non-Canadian Customers

General Instructions:

Payments in U.S. Dollars from Financial Institutions and Banks worldwide can be made through the domestic USA Payments Network (Fedwire or CHIPS) through Harris Bank International Corporation, New York.

All Fedwire and CHIPS payments require BOFMCAM2 to be recorded in the Beneficiary’s Bank (BBK) field and Living Elements Ltd., name along with their 11-digit Account Number Identifier 07444603655 recorded in the Beneficiary Customer (BNF) field. Please do not record Beneficiary’s name and Account Number identifier as free format text in the Details of Payment (OBI) field.

Payment Routing Instructions

Pay through: HATRUS33
(Destination Bank)
Beneficiary’s Bank:BOFMCAM2
Bank of Montreal, 1505 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver B.C.

(BBK field or SWIFT field 57a)
Beneficiary Customer: 07444603655 Living Elements Ltd.
343 E. 11th Street, N. Vancouver B.C., V7L 2H1

(BNF field or SWIFT field 59)

Important note: Please follow the above instructions exactly in order to ensure that your account is credited with payment. Please include all service charges in the payment amount.


President: Philip E. Bruecker

Function: Collector of marine fishes, invertebrates and plants for scientific and educational purposes. (Canadian waters only.)

Years of Operation: Nine (previous positions held at the Vancouver Aquarium; collector, aquarist collector, chief aquarist).

Number of staff: Five Combined years of experience: Thirty

Licenses and Permits Held:
  1. U.S. Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit #LE822022-0
  2. Canadian License to fish for scientific, experimental or educational purposes for Fraser River and Coastal Region, BC waters Southern Region, Resolute Passage, Nunavut.

Veterinarian: Craig Stephen, Ph.D., DVM, Nanaimo, B.C.


  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium. Tel: (408) 648 4800
  2. Steinhart Aquarium. Tel: (415) 750 7250
  3. Vancouver Aquarium. Tel: (604) 659 3400

Neither the proprietor nor Living Elements Limited have been charged or convicted by any Federal, Provincial or State agency for violation of animal welfare legislation or infractions to the Canadian Fisheries Act.



  1. To order live marine organisms
  2. You can order by mail, telephone, FAX or e-mail.

    If you are a first time customer please supply us the following information: business or institution name, street address, department, city, state, postal or zip code and recipient’s name, telephone number, pager and/or cell phone number, fax number and/or e-mail address.

    For first time clients, we require 100% pre-payment of your first three orders prior to shipping.

    Please place orders with as much advance notice as possible. Most of our specimens are collected from the wild. Collecting success is subject to weather conditions and naturally fluctuating populations. While we do our best to deliver as soon as possible, it is sometimes difficult to predict collecting conditions so please order early to ensure you will be able to receive the specimens on time. If a species is not available, we may suggest to substitute it with a closely related species.

  3. Shipping containers and shipping charges

    Container and shipping charges are extra. We will be able to estimate the number of shipping containers at the time of order but exact shipping charges will vary as each order is custom packed for optimum shipping conditions.

    A delivery fee is charged with each order. Fees vary according to which airport the shipment is delivered to. We offer delivery to Vancouver International Airport (U.S. $40 per shipment), Federal Express in Bellingham, WA (U.S. $50 per shipment), Bellingham International Airport, WA ( U.S. $50 per shipment) and Seattle International Airport, WA (U.S. $70 per shipment). Our airport delivery charges are at least 50% less than those of any regular delivery service. By bringing specimens directly to the airlines we are able to attend to last minute concerns and can direct the manner in which the airlines initially handle your freight. All shipments are sent F.O.B.

  4. Transportation

    Live specimens will be shipped via Federal Express Priority Overnight or via Air Cargo. We will make every attempt to find the most efficient and cost effective routing to your destination. For shipments via Air Cargo, customers are responsible for pick up at the airport. We notify customers when the shipment is "en route" and track its progress if possible.

    Freight charges are collect, on your airline account, or pre-paid by the customer, the former two options are preferred.

    Please let us know if you have a preferred carrier (with your account number) or any other special requirements.

    All our shipping containers conform with IATA regulations. Container TYPE 51 and 52 are used.

  5. Documentation

    For shipments within the continental United States, we supply all the necessary documents. There is no additional charge if the shipment clears customs at the place of destination. An additional fee is charged for deliveries where we clear customs and US Fish and Wildlife and US Customs (U.S. $100, this includes disbursements to USFW and US Customs).

    For shipments overseas, please advise us of your specific documentation requirements for the import of live animals into your country. We are able to supply any specific documents required, including Canadian Government certified Veterinary Health Certificates (US $170 per certificate, this includes all disbursements). Please note that document preparation will require up to two weeks.

    Signed copies of our vendor profile (see Appendix) are sent upon request.

  6. Husbandry support after you receive your shipment

    We are a company that cares about our animals and are committed to excellence in animal husbandry and customer satisfaction. We adhere to high collecting standards and support public education and marine conservation. Our current staff consists of highly experienced cold water collectors and aquarists, who have extensive knowledge and experience in the Aquarium industry. We will try to answer questions or help solve problems that you may have regarding our local species or displays.

    We guarantee live arrival of our specimens unless there is negligence on part of the carrier or other events beyond our control.

  7. Avoid the introduction of exotics to your area

    Dispose of shipment materials and water thoughtfully (they can be sterilized with bleach and neutralized with sodium thiosulfate prior to disposal, or in the case of the containers prior to recycling) and maintain specimens in biologically closed systems.