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It is our desire to provide the living organisms necessary to create exciting, educational displays zoos, aquariums and educational facilities. We do this with a keen sense of conservation and a willingness to offer our clients comprehensive husbandry support for the organisms we supply.

Living Elements operates in compliance with the federal and provincial laws of Canada governing worker's safety, the collecting and shipping of live aquatic specimens. We have all relevant collecting and shipping permits and follow all necessary guidelines (domestic and international) to ensure the integrity of our business and the reputation of our clients.

Collecting in Pacific Canada
The marine waters of Pacific Canada are among the most productive in the world, sustaining many remarkable species of fish, invertebrates and plants. We are fortunate to be able to collect in such a diverse area and use highly selective, gentle collecting methods that ensure a sustained conservative fishery and a healthy population of captive specimens. Collections are done in a wide variety of environments and locations, from deep fjords and inlets or tidal narrows to rocky and sandy shores, often as far away as Tofino on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. 
The following highly selective, gentle methods are used to collect our animals; SCUBA, traps, beach-seining, and limited use of rod and reel. 

Specimens are acclimated for appropriate amounts of time (species dependant) prior to shipping. Water temperatures in our facility range from 9 to 12 degrees Celsius with a salinity of 29 parts per thousand. The pH of our local water is usually about 7.8. We have on occasion acclimated species to temperatures as high as 15 degrees C.

We are fortunate to be conveniently situated for international shipping via Vancouver (Canada), Bellingham and Seattle (USA) International Airports. Together with our reliable freight brokers we make every attempt to find the most efficient routing to your destination. Each shipment of animals is carefully packed to ensure live arrival of the specimens in the best possible condition. Shipments may be sent via FedEx Priority Overnight (from Bellingham to all US destinations) or via Air Cargo (over 20 different airlines are available).

Collecting in Arctic waters
Living Elements is proud to offer a new, unique and exciting opportunity to expand your collection with organisms from the High Arctic. In late summer we set up base in Resolute, Nunavut, to collect and ship Arctic invertebrates, small fishes and seaweeds. These organisms are small and colorful and are suited for jewel tanks and displays with limited space. They require similar husbandry and life-support to organisms from Pacific Canada (just a little colder; 0 to 4 degrees Celsius!).
Organisms are collected using SCUBA and traps during August/September when sea ice conditions permit.

There are several flights per week from Resolute to Montreal and Vancouver International Airports. Specimens can then be shipped to you directly or be held in our facility for brief periods.